Sunday, May 15, 2011

Akbar's Wives & Children


 Akbar's Wife Jodha Bai

Married a Hindu Rajput princess of Amber [now Jaipur] in 1562. She was the mother of Jahangir. Also married daughter of Raja of Jaisalmer and also the niece of Raja of Bikaner – both Hindu Rajput princesses. More than 33 wives – one of whom from Tibet. Allowed wives to practice their belief.

Three sons. Jahangir born Aug 30 1569, Murad born 1570, Daniyal born 1572 – all from different mothers. Both Murad and Daniyal died of alcoholism – Murad died in 1599 at the age of 29 and Daniyal died 1603 aged 31.

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